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I was born in England and spent my early childhood living on a barge on the river Thames with my brother and 2 sisters. I went to school in London, then moved up North to the Countryside, before moving back to London to further my studies in Art. At 17 I gained sponsorship and was awarded a place on the AFS student exchange programme, where I spent a year in CA, USA with a host family and graduated at High School. I returned to the UK, inspired to study Art at degree level, became a freelance artist, before going on to teach. I was the Director of Art for over 20 years at Gordon’s School. In 2004 I rekindled my passion for California and bought just under 20 acres of wilderness in Northern California to build a home and art studio. I am fortunate enough to enjoy painting in both California and England.

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Art Award for Suzanne B Gibbs
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