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Suzanne was born in England and spent her early childhood living on a barge on the river Thames with her brother and 2 sisters. She went to school in London, then moved up North to the Countryside, before moving back to London to further her studies in Art. Suzanne gained sponsorship and was awarded a place on the AFS student exchange programme at 17, where she spent a year in CA, USA with a host family and graduated at High School. She returned to the UK, inspired to study Art at degree level, became a freelance artist, before going on to teach. Suzanne was the Director of Art for over 20 years at Gordon’s School. In 2004 Suzanne rekindled her passion for California and bought just under 20 acres of land in Northern California to build her home and art studio. Suzanne is currently enjoying working as a freelance fine artist in both California and England.

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Art Award for Suzanne B Gibbs
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