My passion, love and enthusiasm for Art began as a toddler surrounded by my father’s wooden and metal sculptures, paintings and drawings. This was later enhanced by childhood visits to the famous London art galleries and museums.  My sketchbook is like the addition of the modern phone; my personal way of recording, realising and responding to the world around me. As with most artists, drawing is often the beginning of my creative process.

 Artists such as Kathe Kolwitz made me aware of the value of working expressively in black and white, whilst the multiple viewpoints of the subjective cubists give me the confidence to experiment with shape, colour and composition.

I am  very fortunate to be able to paint in both England and in the USA. Following the tragic wildfires of Northern California, last year I put together a solo 3 month art exhibition and raised thousands of dollars for its victims. 

(see Carr Fire Exhibition)


The extinguished surroundings left a surface of ash which I literally used to capture the eerie transformation of the environment. I collected the burnt ash and applied it like chalk or mixed it with the oil paint and applied it to the canvas. It was a new, exciting and emotive process, which I have gone on to develop further.

The unique use of raw, personal, and tactile resources continues to drive and inspire my artwork, enabling me to connect with and process mine and others feelings and emotions. 

Whether my work is merely a response to my experiences, events and the world around me, or the result of an attempt to capture its inward significance, I hope you are able to see the beauty in it and I thank you for visiting my website.

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